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Free Range  Exclusive Automatic Knives & Switchblades collectibles


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Collections Apparel & Jewelry For HER

BLADEGRLZ was created from a simple yet complex question. 

"How Come all these Knife Sites are geared towards 20 something males?"

I was a little confused as I had t realized  the products of my hobby were extremely limited. 

In 2018 I was home recuperating from a surgery feeling down as one often does when they arent able to perform their daily duties. 

Trudy had said to me "well... I was goi g to buy you a jacket but apparantly no-o e sells them, So I thought I would buy you a necklace until I couldnt find one. I wonder why no one makes Switchblade Swag?"

I don't like not being able to answer a question with confidence. I had assumed there isn't a large enuff  Market so I set about to have some T shirts printed as most small business and serious collectors often do. 

Request started coming in regularly so we did Shirt number 2  a few months later shirt number 3 and 4. 

Trudys knife collection continued to grow as her confidence towards customers at the live shows did also. I had noticed her group of female knife collectors growing as well. Everyday a new question or comment t from the female freinds of hers. 

All ages were asking for the price on specific knives and "when are we coming out with a new shirt design* Dozens of comments on the skull and stylish Jewelry she was making for our web store Until O realized she was right. 

You cam find a few stores offering stylish leather pouches, T Shirts and Money clips

But as she had mentioned months earlier what most of us had found was limited merchandise accross a wide platform. Of predominatly logo driven T shorts and generic costume Jewelry.

BLADEGRLZ  was conceived in Febuary 2018  with our mission statement 

We Vow to be the most Trusted Provider of Switchblade Lifestyle products from man cave to fashion. Your 1 stop Shop for all people interested in indulging in the edgy appeal of all things Switchblade.

Art comes in many forms. We search the globe to find the newest coolest highest quality products From Custom Switchblades to Underwear. We personally use every product we sell or we dont sell it if we advertise it we stock it or have immediate access to it. 

While BLADEGRLZ appeals to a demographic that other suppliers tend to overlook if it's a New or Vintage Switchblade as a gift or to expand your collection  contact Trudy or Aaron . Browse out full line of women & Mens Switchblade related Fashion Concealed Carry bags BLADEGRLZ shoes Hoodies Socks if you cam imagine it we have designed it. Check out our original Artwork mounted in Vinyage Frames

Ladies it's not just for him. You will blow his mind with your new Earings or a new Freaknives Mark1 OTF.  When he asks how  did you find an original 1950's Ethan, Just tell him Bladegrlz say  "Sei Attento" 

Or you cam call or text Trudy to see which new Product will be released this Month

Company Policies-we offer an extreme array of original and vintage merchandise Sometimes life happens  our official return policy is returns are not allowed.

Insurance can only be utilized for FedEx and UPS at additional expense !do not order from us if you have no patience or cooth. Accidents happen things break and unfortunately people 

Make mistakes. Shit gets lost In the mail.

 We take accidents Mistakes and misunderstandings seriously and on a case by case basis you order 2 new original BLADEGRLZ Corsett 2 pair of hi-tops it never arrives we will do our best to find it. 

If we have more in stock this is  easy do what's right.

 But remember I said no refunds its between you and the postal service you choose  the minute it leaves our shipping g department. 

Vintage knives antiques and 1 of a kinds I suggest you pay for the FedEx 2 day and  pony up with plenty of insurance. This stuff camt be replaced easily and sometimes not at all. So as I said the minute it leaves our shipping g department t you paid for it its between you and the shipper. 

Now with the ugly stuff out of the way we are sitting at 100%  of items shipped have been delivered! Without incident. Zero requests for refunds with BLADEGRLZ & FREAKnives our reputation is to give more tha  you take. AMD to do the right thing period! There is no point of veiw when its right a.d wrong it's either right or wrong.

If you have an issue politely contact us to resolve it. (Zero issues to date 5/7/19)

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