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Vintage Pocket Knives & Switchblades

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Free Range Exclusive Automatic Knives

Free Range  Exclusive Automatic Knives & Switchblades collectibles

We Buy Your Knives


1. Send us a picture

take atleast 3 pictures closed open eand side view 

give us a detailed description of your knife text info to 1 812 306 8686 or email  we will respond with an offer if you like the offer goto step 2

2. We will Pick up your knife

we will mail you a prepaid shipping label 

put your knife in the mail once we receive it we will evaluate it if it conforms with the previous photos and description move on to step 3

3. Get paid

we will instantly send you your money via paypal or money order  EASY as 

 1 2 3

If The knife is not what we expected or is not as described we will send it back no charge.

 We understand this can be disappointing as everyone doesn't  view things identically  you have the option to accept a lower appraisal or we return your knife 

To reduce this please be as accurate as possible in your description we buy all kinds of knives parts knives cracked bolsters blades etc.. provide extra pictures to get the most accurate offer 

Trade your Knife

Like something on our site??? Trade your knife in  it works the same as buy your knife send us some great photos a good description and we will give you an appraisal  that will be good towards the knife tyou are interested in  email photo or text to 1 812 306 8686

Example of our 1 2 3 program

we receive a text from a random number 

Hi my name is Joey Bagofdonuts I have an early 80's Switchblade that is only marked INOX on the blade I would like to "Sell" or "trade" it i as the pictures show it has some rust and the button sticks  no cracks and cleans up nice.

 picure 1 picture 2 picture 3 

 you will receive a text or email 

Thank you Joey we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to own your knife based on the description and excellent photos  we can offer you $xxx.xx if this is exceptable please provide your address and make sure you pack the knife safely as we will not be responsible for any damage during shipping 

send us your knife within a few days you will receive our OK and instructions on how you want paid.  Or if you want to trade it we will deduct that from the price of the knife you want 



  Can I send multiple knives?

ANSWER Yes we are in the business to buy and sell. There is no limit  per transaction  however appraisals can very &  you may want to limit it we can refuse multiple knives and are not paying any Book Value for knives

  Do you pay Book Value For Knives?

ANSWER No. Books are only a guide and we are in the market to sell knives so we have to buy them based on our market and ability to resale them we understand some knives are worth nore to you than they are to us 

  Do People get mad with appraisals

ANSWER: Yes unfortunately a 1948 Case XX or whatever super knife you want to sell may not be as valuable to us and please remember the appraisal is based on what we will pay you based on our desire to own your knife if a book says its worth a fortune and we personally don't do well with them we wont offer what it may be worth to someone else. 

We find this most in Case and specialty knives.

 What if my Switchblade doesn't work

ANSWER: We will buy parts knives and fixer uppers  as we will be opening a parts and rebuildable knife section soon 


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