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Vintage Pocket Knives & Switchblades

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Free Range Exclusive Automatic Knives

Free Range  Exclusive Automatic Knives & Switchblades collectibles

Free Range Custom Automatic Knives


& Artistic Knives Edged Products as well as art in all forms enter here


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Art & Everything Else

   We are More Than Just Exclusive Knives for Collectors and enthusiasts we follow All types of ART and allow Artis of all types to show and sell their art through Free Range Custom Art a division of Fress Range Exlusive Automatic Knives  To see & Purchase  Art enter here or if you would like to show your art or place it for sale on our sight email us today



Designer Apparel Knives Jewelry & Swag!

BLADEGRLZ was created to answer a simple and yet complex Question.

"Why are all the Knife sites geared towards 20 something  guys?"

"They aren't" was my initial response. I pulled up a well known site and said see they have everything from minis to machettes. 

She immediately responded with " I was going to buy you a jacket and I can't find one. I decided to get you a new ring or a necklace but I camt find any"

We both took on the mission to find something switchblade related,  Outside of a few different display cases, Brand specific T shirts money clips and some custom made costume jewelry.  We ended the evening disappointed. 

A call to a long time freind who did some screen printing   our 1st T shirt was born but it too was specific to our brand. 

4 T shirt designs Later we contacted our famous Artist Illustrator freind who works in the "Comic" Book  industry designing and coloring characters for various mature publications. After many hours days weeks we decided on tackling the project head on Gemma and Rossi were created.  is our creation that addresses the needs of the Collectors and the Artists. Giving life to am area that will grow not unlike most collections. As one branch grows quickly the roots continually grow along with them giving us many branches and the strength to hold it up and continue to offer varying branches and intricate folage.

4 T shirts leads us into Polos and everyday wear, jackets jewelry shoes, boots and of course our own brands of knives and wedged tools.

Using the age old attage  if noone is making it there must not be market for it.

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